JOHANNA RIPLINGER, designer out of passion, German and American by nationality, chose Paris as her new home some 10 years ago to exercise her profession. In the centre of this beautiful city she designs contemporary collections addressed to the woman with style and global orientation.


With her very personal vision of fashion, JOHANNA RIPLINGER is convinced of the fundamental link between respect for nature and humans, respect for the image of womanhood, and the importance of encouraging manual and artistic talents. Drawing her inspiration mostly from Nature, the collections reflect this love of nature not only in the working methods and sustainable choices but also in the visual concept of the collection.

Working at renowned fashion houses and private labels, as well as in design, production and sale as partner in a sustainable fashion brand, JOHANNA RIPLINGER acquired the important skills and qualifications required to successfully run her own fashion label.


The eponymous label JOHANNA RIPLINGER combines ecological sustainability and sustainable labour practices with luxurious high fashion to create women’s clothing with a distinctively feminine note.


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