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This winter collection by JOHANNA RIPLINGER is inspired by feathers, those light, soft, and sensuous marvels, white as snow, yet warm against winter’s chill. As a symbol of freedom, a bird inspires the collection’s beauty,  shimmering in song and melody, set in a wintery  landscape with a lake surrounded by naked trees, reflecting the color palette of cool ice blue, mint green and grey mingled with warmer rust and copper tones. Sparkling rich, embroidery recalling the shape of stylized feathers, combined with graphic prints and knitted patterns are the style elements used to weave this imaginary bird into the garment.


As usual, the colors are mainly of natural origin, most of them being re-and up-cycled from natural sources, including waste products like coconut shells to insure their non-toxic and sustainable character.


Alongside the usual silks and organic cottons featured in JOHANNA RIPLINGER’s earlier collections, here some noble fibers are added to the collection, including a very exclusive French Angora, in its natural color and combed from well treated and happy rabbits, further new materials are  Italian Cashmere-silk yarn,  feathery light Mohair and fine Wool.

The silhouette for the coming winter is utterly feminine with a refined sensuality, celebrating feminine beauty, with a subtle hint of elegance recalling the late 50s with the difference, however, of enhancing the strong, conscious and confident side of the contemporary woman, who enjoys her freedom to choose a new elegance.

Transporting the viewers into an imaginary winter world, the talented young Parisian singer Alexiane Broque performed live at the Fashion Show at BERLIN FASHION WEEK with a song, specially composed for the show by Cyril Broque.










PHOTOGRAPHY Sarah Dulay MODEL Valeria@EastWestModels HAIR&MAKE-UP Marion Heinzelmann