Collection “Stallar Journey” by JOHANNA RIPLINGER
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The new winter collection by JOHANNA RIPLINGER, rich in contrasts of light and dark, with its name STALLAR JOURNEY evokes the inspiration of the Star-like prints reminding of the sky filled with stars and unveils the artistic interpretation in form of graphic stellar motif. The prints are made by hand with shibori printing techniques using natural dyes and a technique of lemon drops which shows the natural living character of the natural dyes. Ranging from light moon-grey tones over cold flame-orange, night blue-grey, deep black and ultra violet the colour pallet is bright and radiant.
The beautiful transformation of rose petals into the sparkled print on organic cotton and silk unfolds a large scale of grey and deep blue tones with very light reminders of the red rose petals used for the dye. This season the collection has both sporty and feminine silhouettes showing how the same pieces can be dressed up and down and accompany the woman during the day and in the evening or in special occasions.
Many pieces can be worn in various ways and thus adapted to the style and taste of the women, either in a very feminine way or a new interpretation of a more masculine side with clear-cut tailoring evoke a balance between sophisticated power dressing and effortless daily wear.
Natural organic dyes complement the conscious choice of delicate noble materials which are naturally grown and thoughtfully harvested, and every step of production is carefully conceived to bring an experience of true luxury from within.

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