Natural and herbal dyes are made out of collected natural plants including dried flower petals, collected from Indian temples, where these flowers had been given as offerings. The story of this journey of flowers from the fields, passing through the hands of devotees via the solemn and peaceful realm of temples to the talented craftsmen and women, is told silently with each one of the rare and unique collection pieces by JOHANNA RIPLINGER.


Master of creation, NATURE inspires with the most beautiful colours appearing to our physical perception. Many of those colours can be used directly from plants or extracted without any harmful chemical transformation. Flowers, roots, stems and seeds which grow naturally and are often unused serve as ecological dye. Colouring textiles in this his way ensures that the water preserves its original purity, and contributes to healthy living for everyone involved in the process from the dyers, artisans and tailors to the final owner, the woman wearing the styles.
This respectful procedure throughout all the steps of production makes the entire life-cycle of each item in the collection sustainable and represents a significant symbolic difference in a highly polluting industry.


Besides this important ecological aspect of the natural dyes, the careful hand procedure by dye-masters creates a piece of art with each carefully elaborate technique.
The fabric, pleated to dye, meter by meter, creates unique coloration effects and patterns that reproduce the beauty and diversity of rare species. All the materials used are noble natural fibres such as silk, linen and organic cotton, and 100% natural dyes are used for their coloration and fixation. Arts and crafts take an important place in the expression of human talents and guarantee the maintenance of valuable know-how while evoking an experience of rare luxurious creation.


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